For the media, knowler is the Google of companies

Thanks to the algorithms of AI and natural language, knowler helps us turn teleworking into intelligent work.

The Magazine “Digital 4.0” of the Spanish newspaper The Economist analyze knowler as a knowledge management solution for business

The newspaper begins making a comparison between the most popular search engine nowadays, Google, with knowler. Google answers all of our questions on any topic, whereas knowler would be its equivalent in the business sector.
The Product Owner of knowler, Jorge Laguna, explained how it is done: “Thanks to the use of cognitive algorithms, this tool is capable of generating a personalised profile of each user based on the information they usually look for, who they talk to or who they meet with”. This way, knowler offers recommendations to the employees on topics that may be of their interest.
The use of Natural Language Processing is highlighted as the key technology to extract and process the content of mails or documents, establishing relations with the rest of information and deciding if something is relevant or not, for example. “The semantic capacity of these tools is not only limited to documents or databases, they can also extract information from meetings held by videoconference, which makes it possible to automatically have summaries of the content of these meetings, to know what has been discussed”, said Jorge Laguna.

Moreover, in the current context of teleworking due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to use tools that encourage collaboration and communication, making the day-to-day life of employees easier. Tools like knowler helps to make this possible.
Read the full article here:

Magazine Digital 4.0, The Economist -Spanish edition


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