Gartner Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 and 2022

The keys to business adaptation to the new technological scenario

Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 and Emerging Technology Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises

Gartner has published the “Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021” report, where nine relevant technology trends for organisations were introduced. Nowadays, we are living in a constant changing world due to Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, organisations should have in mind these nine trends to become technological and adaptable to changing environments. Among all of them, two stand out mainly: “The intelligent composable business” and “Hyperautomation”.

The first one relates to the capacity of the organisations to adapt and rearrange themselves based on the current situation. To accomplish that, companies need to accelerate digital business strategy and digital transformation, in order to enable better access to information to answer effectively the market demands. knowler could help this transformation, providing accurate and up-to-date information to employees, giving them the tools to analyse and adapt to changes.

The other relevant trend is about the idea that any process in the organisation that can be automated should be automated. The acceleration of digital business and continuous changes requires an efficient and optimized company. knowler could provide a Smart Digital Workplace where documents and other kind of data are included in the system almost automatically, helping the company become quicker and suitable to address market changes.

Gartner has also published a roadmap for midsize companies about emerging technologies. They are categorised in Network, Compute Infrastructure and Platform Services, Storage and Database, Security, IT Automation and Digital Workplace. Regarding the last category, Gartner points out Workstream Collaboration Tools, Enterprise Social Networking Applications and Natural Language Processing among others. All of them aim to create a Digital Workplace, where information flows and employees are connected. These characteristics suits the knowler ones: the product has Natural Language Processing to understand and categorise documents, and to answer more accurately employee’s questions. With that, and adding Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Capabilities, it enables to create a valuable Enterprise Collaboration Tool, as all the employees may need and value its functionalities in their day-to-day functions.

You can find more information about knowler functionalities on the website, and contact to request more information through this link.

Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash


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