Linked data for increased knowledge generation

linked data
The interconnection of data from different internal and external sources increases the usefulness of the information, thus enhancing the discovery through the Internet and becoming a key factor in competitive intelligence.

knowler integrates the ontology with existing linked data providing transparently added knowledge

The Internet concept was originally created as a solution to interconnect the computers of researchers in the United States, with the objective of sharing resources and results through electronic links between different computers to reduce costs and maximize efforts, working horizontally and in a decentralized way. Fifty years after that first message that traveled through a telephone line from one computer to another in California, the purpose of interconnecting information and sharing knowledge is still present in the digital transformation strategy of companies.
In order to amplify the scope of this search for information that helps to deepen a specific topic, the open source data sets that can be consulted and connected, such as DBpedia -extracted from Wikipedia, make millions of related data available to the user with those that are available internally.
This linked data is a stronger and higher quality network thanks to the standardization in the data identification. In addition, due to their interrelation through metadata and the impulse to have a semantic feature, it’s possible to access to an even huge volume of knowledge to discover more information than expected. With knowler you can develop an integration with any type of data and the ontology designed in the company, to put all the power of the linked data in the hands of employees.
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