What is the most important thing in a Company today?

what is the most important thing in a Company today?
Isolated knowledge is useless, all knowledge must be connected to generate all the possible value and boost the company at all levels.

It’s time to change

The most important thing in a 21st century company is people. People with talent, the talent that learns, generates and transmits knowledge, knowledge that is applied to imagine, design and create progress and create what yesterday was only dreamed of. That is the engine that moves companies. Over the last 30 years, knowledge management has become the basis of what we know as the Knowledge – Driven Company, where specialists generate the drive, but efficiently managing this knowledge is not easy. That is why everis created the Smart Knowledge Management Office (SKMO) and its product knowler, as a living tool capable of distilling and sharing the Knowledge that flows through a company, automatically and intelligently, providing the right knowledge, at the right time, without having to go looking for it.

Imagine, you are working on the design of a system and suddenly knowler, offers you technical documentation of similar projects that have been done in other parts of the world and offers you contacts with experts in the field in case you need any help or to share their experience with you. All this without you looking for it or asking for it. It sounds like science fiction, but we’ve been working on it for some time now, with a great multidisciplinary team, working in the fields of Ontologies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, user experience and the latest in user interface technologies.


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